VIDEO: Worth watching. “The Lynching – Bill Whittle”

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""Why is there Martin Luther King day, and not, say, a Jesse Jackson Day or an Al Sharpton Day or a Louis Farakhan Day?" — Bill Whittle"


This used to be called indentured servitude and many of our ancestor got to America this way. It’s a form of slavery. Very Progressive. “Should college tuition be a ‘buy now, pay later’ product?” |

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"Betty R. Kazmin writes: Beware of unforeseen consequences as Oregon legislators consider a "buy now, pay later" policy for funding college tuition."

Oregon Rep. Dennis Richardson announces run for governor |

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"Rep. Dennis Richardson announced that he will run for Oregon Governor Wednesday morning, putting to rest speculation that he would seek the state’s highest office."

This is more about human nature than anything else. Good read. “Big Law Firms in Trouble: When the Money Dries Up” | New Republic

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"You can’t imagine the terror when the money dries up."

Shelby Steele: The Decline of the Civil-Rights Establishment –

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"In The Wall Street Journal, Shelby Steele argues that in their reaction to the George Zimmerman case, black leaders weren’t so much outraged at injustice as they were by the disregard of their own authority."

DRIP, DRIP: Embattled IRS chief counsel met with Obama 2 days before agency changed targeting criteria | The Daily Caller

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"The Obama appointee implicated in congressional testimony in the IRS targeting scandal met with President Obama in the White House two days before offering his colleagues a new set of advice on how to"

PERFECT analysis. To avoid looking like a criminal, don’t commit a crime

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"Perhaps, someday, blacks will win the right to be treated like volitional human beings. But not yet."

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